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Satin Gloss car wax review – Does it really work?

There are quite possibly thousands of car wax products on the market today and for every one that has survived, dozens have failed soon after being launched.

Satin gloss wax is made by a company that has been in business for 18 years now and seems to have stood the test of time. It is produced and bottled in the small town of Weaverville, NC just outside of Asheville by Matt Chemical Company. Matt chemical is owned and operated by Michael Matthews. When you call the number on their website to order, Michael is almost always the one who answers the phone, signaling this to be a fairly small operation. But don’t let the size of this operation fool you.

Several years ago my father-in-law introduced me to this product and I have been hooked ever since. He orders a case (12) every few years has it shipped to his house in Pennsylvania. He has a 1997 Dodge truck that has maintained its showroom finish for years now using only the Satin Gloss wax.

What makes this product so great? Well, there are several reasons but for many it breaks down to ease of application, longevity, and value.

Applying the wax

Unlike most waxes, this one is easy to apply and easy to take off. It has somewhat of a pleasant petroleum smell that will give you a  buzz if used in an un-ventilated area. After washing your vehicle, simply apply the wax with a cloth using a back and forth motion. It is not necessary or recommended to use the circular application method that most of us are use to. Simply put some on a rag and apply it to the vehicles surface. Since this is a heat activated product, it is okay to apply it in direct sunlight when temperatures are above 60 degrees F.

After applying the wax, give it a few minutes to dry. Drying time will vary depending on temperature, sunlight exposure and humidity. Once dry, wipe off with a clean microfiber towel in the same manner that it was applied – back and forth. That’s it! The wax is easy to remove and is fairly forgiving if accidentally applied to molding. In addition to waxing the painted surface, I like to also wax the windshield so that water just rolls off while driving.

How long does Satin Gloss last?

The bottle claims that you should use the product every 6 month to maintain “a showroom shine” but as with any other product your mileage may vary. My vehicles are not garage kept and are driven on a daily basis. Under these conditions the wax may last 3-4 months. Under ideal conditions, garage kept -rarely driven, you will get six months or more between applications.  Overall, I would say that this product last slightly longer than most other products on the market.

How much does it cost?

The retail price of a bottle is $29.95 which may seem like a lot of money for a bottle of car wax. Fortunately, you can buy this wax by the case for much less. Currently, it sells for $130 for 12 bottles plus the cost of shipping. Michael gives you a fair shipping price and does not gouge his customers. With shipping charges, you are looking at around $150 per case or $12.50 per bottle. The bottles are a rather large 32 FL oz. A 16 oz bottle of other premium car wax  costs about $7,  placing Satin Gloss in line with similar products on the market. As for the rate of application, very little wax is needed to cover a mid size vehicle. One bottle should last you several years if applied 2-3 times per years. Overall, it is a great value when purchased by the case.

Satin Gloss – about the product

Satin Gloss car wax

Overall, I give this product 4.5 our of 5 stars.

Why 4.5 out of 5?

This product loses 1/2 a star because it is difficult to get a hold of at a reasonable price unless you purchase a case. Aside from availability, it outperforms any wax product that I have ever used. When finished, there is no messy wax powder left behind and the shine is unbelievable. The manufacture stands behind their product with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.  Even at full retail price I would still consider it a good buy for any car enthusiast who wants to spend more time behind the wheel driving and less bent over the hood of their car waxing it.

Is it a carnauba wax?

The manufacture claims that “Waxes are made of 100% carnauba wax for maximum protection”. If you are serious about wax, you know that using a carnauba wax based product is  one of the best ways to protect your automotive finish. Carnauba is made from the leaves of the Copernicia prunifera palm which is refined and used for a variety of applications including furniture polishes, food, cosmetics and a number of other products.

Other uses

This product has a variety of other uses besides being used as a wax for cars.

  • Use it to remove light oxidation, tree sap, bugs, paint overspray, tar and other contaminates. Simply apply a thick layer over the desired area and let sit. After it sits for a while (do not allow to dry) work the area until the contaminates disappear. I have found that as a contaminate remover, it is best used in the shade with higher humidity to prevent drying.
  • Can be used to remove fiberglass oxidation, boat docking marks, and algae growth. It also claims to remove motor home black marks. While I have never tried using it for these applications, I wouldn’t doubt its effectiveness based on the accuracy of other claims that have been tested.
  • Use it to polish metals in your home such as faucets. It works well on most metals including silver, brass and aluminum. It can also be used in the home to remove soap scum.

Where can I get this pink mysterious liquid glory?

Pick up a bottle or case of this product directly from Michael at satingloss.com. He takes all major credit cards and even Paypal. According to his website, he has people selling his product nation wide at the retail level. Give him a call and ask if there are any retailers nearby that carry his product.

How are you affiliated with this company?

I’m not at all. I simply have been using this product for a few years now and thought it would be a great topic to write on.

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